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“Free Online Pre-Membership Education Seminar”

In this phase where we are confronted with the challenges of the new normal, MSU-IIT National Multi-Purpose Cooperative, continuously aims to reach out and connect to the community by utilizing any available platforms to maintain connectivity. With this, we are glad to announce that our Online Pre-Membership Education Seminar (OPMES) is now available!

1) To register, fill-up the form on the link: https://forms.gle/B6B3oq3GRDUquiBt6

2) Click the link we have sent you for your Online PMES.

3) Attend the seminar via Google Meet or Youtube. (Download the app if you are using a mobile phone)

4) Fill-up the evaluation form on the link after you have finished the seminar: https://forms.gle/g9FHy4ywDVcpRkhL9

5) An online certificate will be sent to you via email or Facebook.

Register now to be a part of our growing family and enjoy the exclusive benefits of being a member-owner of MSU-IIT National Multi-Purpose Cooperative! For more info, message us or you may also contact us at 09171381091.

Visit our website: https://msuiitcoop.org/membership.php

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